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Day 9 Chinese culture and The Tallest Tower in Beijing

Today we were so busy. We had a mandarin class, Wushu class, trip to cctv building and dinner at the revolving restaurant. It was so tiring but we were so happy to do so.
We gathered at the canteen at 8 a.m then we started our mandarin class after had a breakfast. It was our last mandarin class so Ms. Wang gave every of us a certificate to declare that we’ve finished the lessons well. She also gave a speech that made us so touched. At 10, we gotta go to wushu class. We were taught some moves and it really made us tired. After learning some moves, we also played games with the Thailand friends. The wushu class ended at 12 and we had a rest time until 2.
We went to the CCTV building together by bus at noon. Arrived there, we were first taken to see the sea world. It was kind of a very big aquarium and we could walk through the tunnels provided. We took a lot of photos because the aisle was made of glass so it was invisible. We also bought some souvenirs to bring home.
Now, we moved to the television station building. We went up high with elevator until 22nd floor which was 235m high. Again, we took a lot of photos because it was so interesting. After having fun there, we went to the lower floor and there we had a buffet dinner. It was so a nice place. We ate a lot and we were so satisfied. Night had come, we had to go back to our dormitory and take a rest.