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Day 8

Morning greeted us with the fog. Today our schedule showed that we will be going to Tian An Men Square and The Forbidden City. We left the dorm at 8 and finally arrived at Tian An Men Square.
Upon arriving at Tian An Men Square, we took some photos without hesitation. Tian An Men is one of the famous places in Beijing. After we finished taking photos, we moved to the forbidden city. We saw many old buildings and we also didnt forget to take some personal photos and group photos. Once again, we were so happy to be able to take photos and have a talk with the korean group. We got back to our dorm and we went for lunch at 12.15 till 13.00.
After we had a lunch, we went back to our room to have a rest.
Time showed at 16.00, we gathered at the front gate to go to watch a kungfu show. We had a good time while watching the attraction.
After watched the kungfu show, we went back to dorm to have a farewell party at 20.00. Every country gave some of their performances for the farewell. We gave 2 performances which were Saman dance and Karapan Sapi dance. We did really well because we already practiced them before. We really enjoyed the farewell party, then we got back to our dorm to have a rest.