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Day 12 – last Day…Good Bye friends , Bye Beijing

Today we must wake up at 4 and take a shower. After take a shower we must arrive at gate at 5. Two Korean girls is waiting to say good bye. We gave a souvenir and we say good bye. We’re very sad because 12 days here felt very short.
We went to the airport by the bus . Arrive at airport we also checked in and prepared immigrations check. After that we went in to the plane and flied to Hong Kong at 08.00. It taok 4 hours from Beijing to Hong kong.
Arrive in hong kong we also bought many things like clothes, souvenir, and food. We thought our flight at 15:15 but it was delayed . We flight at 18:00 and arrived to Surabaya at 23:00. We’re very sad and already missed them . We said good bye to teacher and take some photos .
This is our report may you happy and feel interested to read. Thank you.