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Day 11

In this day we had to say thank you and goodbye to our teacher’s family whom had been hospitalizing us. We would really miss them because they were so nice to us. We gave them a souvenir from Indonesia so they could remember us.
At 2 in the afternoon we gathered at the dorm. Yesterday we were planning to go out to Wang Fu Jing street. We went there again because we were not satisfied with our first day to Wang Fu Jing Street. So this day we went to Wang Fu Jing Street at 4 in the evening. But before that, we went to Tian Yi Market first. we arrived at 3 in the evening. We went there because we could buy a lot of souvenirs.
At 5 in the evening, we gathered in Wang Fu Jing Street. Some of us split up so we could buy our own things easily. 2 hours passed, and our stomach were empty. The teacher called us to have a dinner at KFC. We really had a good dinner there. Beijing’s KFC chicken was really different with Indonesia’s KFC chicken.
After we had eaten our dinner, we went back to our dorm and prepared ourself for the day after because we would be going to say goodbye to our school, our teachers, and our friends in Beijing.