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Day 10

Today is a special day so we woke up earlier and prepared for this special day. We had breakfast as usual and then we took bus to Summer Palace.

At 10 a.m we arrived at summer palace. Summer palace is a really “summer” place. Yeah, it was really hot and the heat increased with hundreds of people around us but we still continued our trip. We took a ship to cross over a small river. Then we had lunch and went back to our dorm at 1 p.m.

Today is a really special day because we had a chance to stay at Chinese people homes. We already packed things that we should bring for our stay at chinese people homes yesterday evening. So, at 2 p.m we headed to our host family’s homes. Our host families were all very kind. They took us to a famous place in Beijing and also gave us chance to make chinese dumplings. Then at 10 p.m we ended this day at our host family’s homes.